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Dynatron Aviation

Information for flight operational decision support

From a network of landing aircraft

Dynatron Aviation is designed to integrate with situational awareness tools and other decision support systems, either desk top or handheld systems, used by airlines' Network Operations Centers, Flight Dispatch, and Flight Operations.  


  • Information relayed in real-time upon aircraft stopping run

  • Reporting according to FAA SAFO 16009 and New Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface (ICAO)  

  • Information according to runway pair and heading

  • Every report has a "time stamp" for when it was recorded.

  • Airport search by IATA or ICAO codes

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Key Features/Benefits:

Monitors development of runway conditions   by  continuous  feed of information from a  network of  connected and commercially  operated aircraft.

Provides early insight into changing runway    conditions as  information is relayed in real time from landing aircraft through Kongsberg Aeronautical’s data server to airline’s user  application.


Alert system that can promtly notify users about deteriorating runway conditions  taking place at airports and runways in the flight network

Proactively manage flight operations to mitigate or avoid  disruptive events, which slippery runways can cause.


Fuel savings through improved contingency planning as a result of early insight  and proactive management of flight operations.

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