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Objective runway conditions presented intuitively in real-time enable pilots    to make better decisions that improve operational efficiency and assure safety

Our System Solution Is For Calculating Stopping Distances

Landing- and stopping distance calculations are based planning and performance manuals from aircraft manufacturers. Runway surface conditions, Braking Action, serves a pivotal input parameter for such calculations. Its accuracy influences pilots and flight operational personnel’s ability to properly calculate and assess applicable stopping distance.

Applied in a flight following program for flight operations and flight dispatch, Kongsberg Aeronautical has designed an end-to-end system with data flowing from aircraft upon landing, through its cloud-based data server, and distributed through a channel partner to reach the users at airlines. The system solution provides information for pilots and flight operational personnel to calculate landing – and stopping distances that are:

●  Precise

●  Frequent

●  Swift


This delivers airlines the following benefits:


Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is vital to   the safety of flight operations.  Kongsberg Aeronautical’s system solution for relay of real-time information about runway surface conditions provides airlines enhanced weather/runway situational awareness that gives them early insight to deteriorating runway conditions


Risk Mitigation

fuel 2.png

Fuel Savings

Through improved situational   pilots and flight operational personnel  are given the capacity to proactively manage to mitigate or avoid disruptive events with intelligent alerting.

Worsening weather and runway surface conditions are impending situations airlines face that cause disruptive event to flight operations. Improved situational awareness enables airlines to enhance their  contingency planning which results in fuel savings.

Our System Solutions

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