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Many aircraft runway overrun incident that take place annually do not find the way to news headlines. Fortunately, we see few fatalities associated with these incidents. Nevertheless, these are unwanted events and cause costly damages to aircraft.

More of these incidents seem to take place in geographical regions experiencing monsoons and heavy seasonal rain. There are several reasons for these incidents, however increased traffic, and level of runway surface maintenance in these regions are contributing factors.

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Aircraft Accident Investigation Reports

Aircraft runway overruns have been a recurring issue in many aircraft accident investigation reports. The subsequent accident investigation report by National Safety Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to a Southwest Airlines flight that overran the runway upon landing at Midway International Airport, Chicago in December 2005 has served as a further catalyst into find new and  better ways to report Braking Action

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NTSB Recommendation

“Demonstrate the technical and operational feasibility of outfitting transport-category airplanes with equipment and procedures required to routinely calculate, record and convey the airplane braking ability required and/or available to slow or stop the  airplane during the landing roll.”

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