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About Us

The Team

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William Cecil
Business Development

William Cecil has more than 20 years of experience within the aviation industry. Most of these years has been with Teledyne Controls, which is a major supplier of comprehensive data management solutions to airlines and aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus.  With Teledyne Controls he has served in positions within business development and sales as Director.

From 1988 to 1994 he was with the British Army as Avionics Engineer for Westland Lynx and Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopters.

Cecil holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.  


Frank Tamis
Aircraft Programming

Frank Tamis has solid knowledge about Teledyne Controls ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring Systems) and its application generation software after years of working with it. He has substantial programming experience, and experience including work for Teledyne Controls.


From 1995 through 2000 Tamis was with KLM working with engineer aircraft data and involved FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance), work involving flight data acquisition and analysis.

Tamis holds a Bachelor of Science, Aircraft Electronics, from Amsterdam University of Applied Science, the Netherlands.


Trond Are Johnsen
President & CEO

Trond Are Johnsen has managed Kongsberg Aeronautical from its start after it was spun-off from Kongsberg Safety Systems AS as a separate business undertaking.

He has experience from business development, including market driven technology development.  Patents associated with Kongsberg Aeronautical’s system are written by Johnsen, and he has created the technical framework upon which the system is based.

Earlier Johnsen has worked internationally in capacity of Financial Manager and Controller for an international steel trading company and thereafter a ships service company, the latter with regional headquarter in Dubai, UAE.

Johnsen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as a MBA from Pacific Lutheran University in the State of Washington, USA. 

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