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Real-time relay of flight critical information 

We make uncertainty become certainty

Airplane-generated AIREPs assessing aircraft stopping capability  are considered less subjective than those based on the flight crew’s perception and therefore provides additional information to runway surface conditions.   For this reason, it is encouraged to differentiate between the two AIREPs and their origin.

A substantial number of research activities have shown that there is no universal accepted relationship/correlation between results from friction measurement devices and aircraft system response.  Friction measurement devices are to be used for maintenance of runway pavements, not for flight operational use.    


Our airplane-generated AIREP features the following:

Objective information derived from use of on-board flight data.

All computations done on-board, and results have no bearing upon pilot actions.

Result data is transmitted upon end of stopping run and relayed in real-time.

Cloud based data server collects and processes data, and distributes information in real-time.

Standard file format for user application integration

All data transfers through secure connections and links.

Systems benefits

Improved situational awareness is achieved with real-time and frequent relay of information that integrates with flight operational software programs and user tools.

Risk mitigation with improved situaltional awareness that enables flight operational personnel to proactively manage to mitigate or avoid disruptive events.  

Fuels savings are achieved by early detection of impending situations or disruptive events providing flight operations with enhanced contingency planning capabilities. 
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Onboard system


Cloud solution

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User interface

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